50 Pound Weight Loss Journey

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50 Pound Weight Loss Journey


Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Hazel Scott!  And I was... a yo-yo dieter.  Not of my own choice of course, but because I was successful in losing the weight, only to gain it back once the special diet or exercise program ceased.  In 2009, weighing 200+ pounds I successfully lost weight with a very well known partially liquid diet (MediFast) from February 2009 - May 2009, I lost 30 pounds.  But, before fall 2009 I had already began gaining it back.  I didn't enjoy the foods/protein drinks and though it worked it was very costly for my income and I could not continue. 


By January, I had completely gained all of the weight back and vowing to lose the weight.  I began to watch what I ate and joined a local female boot camp during the cold winter months of North Carolina and rolled out of bed at 5:00AM each morning to meet with a group of ladies who didn't acknowledge my presence at all.  At, 200 plus pounds the instructor ran me, along with the other ladies and did all kinds of sprints and squats. During the workout I twisted my ankle and discontinued going.  I felt some type a way when my instructor didn't reach out to me to find out what happened.  The only time she acknowledged me is when I discontinued her newsletter but, asked her to connect with me on a business social network.  Wow!  That's another story, I digress forgive me?


In October 2011 I got the courage to step on the scale to see what was happening.  I already knew that I had gone to the back of my closet where I had hung my big girl clothes for something comfortable to wear.  My weight had climbed to a whopping 216.  I'm sure I had been bigger, but afraid to know the state I was in.  I vowed not to let 2011 arrive with me in that condition and began ordering protein shakes from a well known Bariatric company and mimicked the partial weight loss program I was previously on.  I had one meal a day that consisted of protein and vegetables and walked with my Leslie Sansone's 5-Fast Mile DVD.  As the New Year came in, I heard them counting from the TV 10, 9, 8, as I headed toward my bathroom scales.  I stepped on the scales slowly 199!  Thank God, I'd made it out of 200 by January 1st!

I'd had a Facebook Page for quite a while but never visited the site unless I was checking on my teenage kids, but in early January while there I noticed one of my friends that I had adopted as one of my children there.  Although we communicated via email occasionally we hadn't seen each other since before the baby was born.  She had gained a lot of weight and posted she had started a new diet regimen.  She posted what she weighed, what she ate and what exercise she was doing daily.  A few weeks pasted and I visited the page again to notice a great change in her appearance and began trying to make personal contact with her.  

In the meantime, I researched the product to find it was truly an all natural herbal supplement.  I had to try it and pull out all stops to reach her by email, house and cell phone numbers.  I threatened her on the phone if she didn't answer me that night I would be on her doorstep within the hour.  She returned the call laughing and said she was on the way to my house to talk to me about these supplements that was January 24th.  


My journey with detoxing began the next morning, January 25, 2011 with the Bee Pollen weight loss supplement and lost 15 pounds in 26 days.  I was hooked!  I excitedly woke up as soon as the clock said "AM" on the dial to put two (2) capsules in my mouth, drink some water and go back to bed.  Upon arising to start my day I'd begin drinking 1/2 my weight in ounces of water.  I didn't actually eat until I reached my desk at work, I then would eat a bowl of oatmeal and begin my day.  


I had previously entered a "Biggest Loser" challenge on my job and couldn't wait to beat the other ladies (half my age) in weight loss.  The challenge ran from January 25 - March 25, 2011.  By the end of the challenge I weighed 173. A 23 poundweight loss! ... and received the residual income/savings of a little more than $100. : ) 


It was then that the other ladies wanted to know what did I do to lose the weight and I began sharing the knowledge of the detox products (that had been a God send for me), and, referring them all to my friend who encouraged me to start a business of my own to service the new clientele.  My friend (adopted child) became my mentor and teacher and I used the $100 won in the challenge and began: ElaborateTransformations.com, a holistic company offering 100% Herbal, all natural products. From March until mid-July I maintained the weight 173 and 175 and decided to press forward to my goal weight of 150 by my birthday, November 22.  However, I now realize that my weight is stubbornly not moving.


Because exercise is not necessarily needed to lose the weight, I have become VERY lazy over the summer and it is again very hard for me to get moving.  But, that is exactly what I am going to have to do.  As well as, construct a very good eating plan.  I love our supplements because even though you also aren't required to change your eating I am going to have to.  I am 48 years old, 5' 5" tall and I'm still teaching myself to eat.  I was not used to eating very much at all and my purpose for ingesting these wonderful herbs supplements is to remain divinely healthy and continue throughout my life without any health issues and look like Angela Bassett, and flatten my stomach to one that doubles for my Mentor's. :)  In order to do that I must watch what I eat as I train myself how to eat.  Devising (an easy way) a simple plan that I can live with for the rest of my days.  Therefore, I am keeping a journal and as the days, weeks and months progress I will TRY to post weekly for those who are my age or body double and can benefit from my experiences.  But, I decree and declare unto you this day that these products are the answer to my never being fat again. "

Stay tuned... : )


Elaborately yours, Hazel Scott"

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