What are Azure Detoxification Capsules?

What are Azure Detoxification Capsules?

Azure Capsules are meticulously made by employing modern scientific preparation; the capsules contain Sponginess and Tea Polyphones. Scientific experiments have proved that the tea extracts in Azure reducing weight, increase fat oxidation, and blocking fat(s) and carbohydrates (sugars).

AZURE is an all natural slimming herbs capsule that decomposes triglycerides found in your body's blood and organ walls. AZURE is formulated to slim the trouble spots of your body by reducing body fat. This is a great product for those who were unable to experience products that contain bee pollen due to certain allergies.

The main component in Azure, Oolong tea, is popular in the Far East for its fat burning properties. Unlike other teas Oolong tea leaves are plucked, kept under carefully controlled conditions and allowed to oxidize. These leaves are not intentionally broken, leaving most of the cell structure intact. These processing differences make each category of tea beneficially different even though they come from the same plant.

AZURE uses two processes to reduce weight, these processes are:

Energy Expenditure
Azure capsules, when taken properly can increase fat oxidation (fat burning) by 12% after the first week of taking the capsules. The increase in fat oxidation reprograms the body's receptors to burn excess fat for energy!

Absorption Regulation
Individuals taking Azure notice the capsules effectively block the absorption of fats, and carbohydrates this plays a key role in its weight reducing benefits. Unlike many cleansing capsules AZURE does not cause restlessness, many individuals consume this product prior to going to bed. (This is not recommended until you know how the capsule work with your body chemistry)
Maximize Results:

Take Azure at least 30 minutes prior to eating with WARM to room-temperature water.
This increases the body's absorption of the components in the pill. (NOTE: Taking Azure in the afternoon to stave off late day sweet cravings and energy slumps.)

Get enough sleep
Azure is not as effective when the body's leptin and ghrelin levels are out of sync. The components in the capsule work to gradually increase leptin levels. Regulation of the leptin levels will decrease hunger, and cravings. When sleep-wake cycles are irregular leptin levels drop, the brain translates low leptin levels as sstarvation and the body burns fewer calories. The result is that you gain weight without eating any additional food.

Including exercise to any weight loss regimen will increase weight loss results; exercising while detoxifying helps control your blood sugar levels, build muscles and excrete excess fat through the sweat glands.

When taken properly you can lose 5-15 pounds within the first two weeks, or .5 to 1 inch in the waist.

Sea Buckthorn
Lotus Leaf
Green Tea
Seville orange flower
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
Bitter Orange Fruit
Oolong Tea Leaf

Boost your Metabolism
Reduces the Appetite
Increases Energy Levels
Regulate Sugar Absorption
Reduce Body Fat & Toxins through Thermogenesis
Lower Cholesterol
Block Fats
Increase fat oxidation
Regulate leptin levels

Take two (2) capsules daily 30 minutes prior eating with WARM water, Taking Azure with any other drink will reduce its fat oxidation properties by 3%. (After taking the capsule you can drink according to your taste, however water increases the capsules weight-loss properties)

Not Recommended For:
1. Women who are pregnant or nursing.
2. Individuals under 18 years of age.
3. If skin has allergic reactions, please discontinue this product

Azure capsules are:
Developed for: Zixiutang Pollen Biotechnology Co., LTD
Manufactured by: Jilin Longkang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
Storage: Please store the product in sealed, cool, dry condition and keep away from children.

Shelf Life: 36 months

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