Natural Boar Bristle Brush

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Stimulate the body's fat burning by dry brushing. Dry brushing drastically reduces excess skin folds, and cellulite. Want to look good in a form fitting outfit? We recommend brushing your body.


  • TIGHTENS Skin.
  • HELPS Digestion.
  • REMOVES Cellulite.
  • CLEANS Lymphatic System.
  • REMOVES Dead Skin Layers.
  • STRENGTHENS Immune System.

This 100% natural boar bristle bath body brush stimulates circulation as it lifts off dry, dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and renewed.

If you want softer skin, to remove stretch marks, less cellulite, and want to improve your overall health, this long handle natural boar bristle brush is just what you need. Revive your skin with a natural bristle body massage. You will enjoy softer, smoother skin when you engage in a refreshing natural bristle massage.

Use this 16" Long Handle Natural Boar Bristle Brush to cleanse and exfoliate those hard-to-reach spots, or detach the brush head, and use the hand strap to apply more pressure.


  • Always purchase a NATURAL, [not synthetic], bristle brush because it does not scratch the surface of your skin.
  • Look for brushes with a long or extended handle, so that you're ABLE to get to the areas of your body that are NOT EASY to reach.
  • Skin Brush, before showering or bathing, at least ONCE per day, and TWICE, if possible.
  • Do NOT wet your skin; this does not have the same effect, brushing when wet stretches your skin.
  • Do LIGHTER strokes over and around your breasts, but do NOT brush the nipples.
  • Brush each part of your Body several times VIGOROUSLY, COMPLETELY brushing your WHOLE body.
  • Brush the soles of your feet FIRST, because the nerve endings there affect your WHOLE body, next brush your ankles, calves, and thighs; then brush across your stomach and your buttocks; and lastly brush your hands to your arms.
  • ALWAYS skin brush towards the heart.
  • Do circular counter-clockwise strokes on your abdomen.
  • Take a WARM bath or shower, which should always be followed by a COOL rinse at the end to INVIGORATE blood circulation and STIMULATE surface warmth.
  • Wash your brush every few weeks in water and allow it DRY.



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