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AFIRE may be our strongest formula yet!
AFIRE Capsules are so effective that they are breaking traditional weight-loss concepts, and creating a new era of healthy weight loss using all natural fruits, herbs, plant extracts.



AFIRE Capsules are meticulously made using Total Sponginess and Tea Polyphones.

AFIRE three reshaping stages of weight reduction:

  • STEP I: The cellulose and botanical lipase inhibit the re-generation of excess fat; the capsules effectively remove excess fat that is stored in the subcutaneous level. The body will look and feel leaner, excess rolls and creases will be reduced or completely eliminated (depending on your starting weight)
  • STEP II: The Tea Polyphenol extracts accelerate the body’s fat burning rate; on average on the second month you will lose 4 – 15 pounds every two weeks or 2 – 5 cm in waist circumference.
  • STEP III: Cleanse and Dissolve excess body that is excreted through the bloodstream; so it can be released through the intestinal tract.



Lotus Leaf
Law Pinellia
Bitter Orange
Green Tea

Directions for use: Take 2 capsules daily, at least 30 minutes prior to your first meal of day with WATER.

Suitable for both men and women

Not Suitable for: Individuals with serious illness, if you are pregnant or breast feeding or less than 18 years of age.


Dosage: 220 mg
Capsules per bottle: 60
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: Keep bottle sealed and store at room temperature. Do not leave in direct sunlight or extreme heat.



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