Skin Tightening Soap (Exfoliating)

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SKINNY© SOAP is a unique blend made from the elixirs of undersea plants, including rare seaweed. This soap not only provides natural skin care in bath, but the unique qualities penetrate to the subcutaneous layer to assist in the elimination of fat layers. SKINNY© SOAP contains vitamins and minerals which reduce the accumulation of fluid, while tightening the skin. With continuous use you will be surprised to find that your body will become slender, and your skin will become tighter, and smooth.

SKINNY© SOAP is gentle enough that it can be used on highly sensitive skin. Adding the soap in your detoxification program will remove impurities from the outside of your body while absorbing nutrients to help stimulate your metabolic rate. SKINNY© SOAP makes losing weight easier than ever, by providing items that you will use on a daily basis to lose weight!

Benefits: SKINNY© SOAP has aesthetic properties, that aid in treating 12 kinds of edema as well as reduces subcutaneous fat. The soap penetrates the skin surface to draw out deep pore impurities that cause acne. It unclogs pores for a cleaner, smoother skin surface and removes blemishes yet it will not cause irritating side effects.

Directions: Using fresh water, rub the soap bar directly on your skin in gentle circular motions until until a rich lather is achieved.  Step out of the Bath/Shower and allow the lather to dry, then the skin feel tight and dry to the touch rinse thoroughly.



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