Tummy Slimming Patch

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The Signature SKINNY Slimming patches make weight loss easier and have long-lasting effects. The powerful nutrients, and essential oils work in the body for 24 hours a day. The Slimming Patches works to reduce food cravings, which lowers your calories. Speed up your metabolic rate, and helps your body burn excess fat.

Affix one(1) patch daily, preferably before bed-time to your navel area. Remove the patch in the morning.

Package Contains:
7 - Slimming Patches; 30 - Slimming Patches

NOTE: You will notice a slight tingling sensation this will subside. If you notice abdominal pain, or itching around the patch this is a normal detoxification and is mild and will subside with continuous use.


  • After 3 days of use: You will notice an increase in bowel movements (defecation), most users notice a floating thin layer of oil in there bowel movements. (This is the breakdown of vivo intestinal oils)
  • After 5 days of use: You will notice a reduction daily in the circumference in the area that the patch is applied! Your body will begin to have a lean appearance.
  • After 10 days of use: With consistent use and proper eating you can lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks, the skin feels smooth and delicate.
  • On day 30: Belly bulge is smooth and flat, your weight will be drastically reduced a new different you will emerge!


  • Samen cassiae torae
  • Poria cocos
  • Maythorm
  • Scutellaris baicalensis
  • Alisma orientalis
  • Angelica sinensis
  • Brown Seaweed
  • Xanthigen



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